What on earth is Shopify?

Shopify is an online store platform, founded in 2004 in Canada, which offers a versatile and user friendly online store platform for businesses of all sizes. One of Shopify’s clear benefits compared to many other platforms is pricing: instead of large development- or up front-investments, Shopify has a monthly recurring fee of 29-299 dollars depending on the standard of service. In addition, for example credit card payments there is a separate commission charge.

Globally there are around 500000 online stores using Shopify’s platform, so the e-commerce software in question is extensively used. It is a so-called SaaS or cloud service product, which is effortlessly easy to deploy.

Why choose Shopify as your e-commerce platform?

1. Accessibility

Shopify’s possibly greatest asset is it’s intuitive user interface and accessibility. You can easily administer and update your online store without having a degree in information technology.

2. Versatile qualities

Shopify’s qualities are in their own class. On top of comprehensive basic functions there are thousands of different add-on apps developed for the platform, that you can easily use in your online store.

Creating a page for a product, editing the layout and content,
various payment methods, product management, marketing
tools and analytics – among other things, all of these have a built-
in solution in Shopify

3. Layout

In instant online store solutions, particularly the layout is often an afterthought to a technical solution. In Shopify the visuals and appearance play a huge role and editing the layout is incredibly easy.

4. Scalability

Shopify is also a suitable platform for bigger online stores. It is not only a service directed at small businesses, but scales well for bigger businesses. Coders for Hire has built several online stores for well-known national fashion brands and other retail operators on Shopify’s platform.

5. Integration and add-ons

There are many existing integrations between Shopify and other services. You can integrate Shopify with for instance the Salesforce CRM platform or MailChimp’s e-mail tool effortlessly.

You can find thousands of different add-ons from Shopify’s own application store. With the help of these add-ons your Shopify-store can be personalized for your company’s and customer’s needs.

6. Marketing tools

Shopify isn’t just an electronic commerce application but Shopify offers well-rounded opportunities for e-commerce marketing. Whether it be upselling or cross-selling, integrating your online store with Facebook advertising or e-mail marketing, Shopify has
all the necessary add-ons.