As we do not yet live in a post-consumerist world brand building is an ever more important component for companies as digitalisation effectively equalises the playing field and tears down moats. Nowadays we have a fragmented media space and the monoculture of the olden years simply does not exist anymore.

Values are polarised and amplified through any and all services so the signal to noise ratio is growing at an exponential rate. Peoples’ endorphin and dopamine drips are in a massive imbalance through constant notifications and attention seekers. How to stay relevant in an environment like this?

How we see the opportunities for brands to actually differentiate themselves from the noise nowadays is through a few key concepts:

  • be relevant in pop culture: try to find an understanding of what would be your levers to pull to make your products and services relevant in the noisy zeitgeist; think what an oat drink or traditional Swedish backpack producer did to sling themselves into the orbit of millennials

  • curate experiences: time is the ultimate luxury - the one asset no-one of us can buy more, regardless of how much money you have in your pocket, put this into a commercial perspective: if you could provide me with a service or product that curates or bundles things I have shown an interest in and sells them to me in a seamless fashion, would I be interested?

  • tell stories: ever since the caveman times have people responded to stories with deepest emotional responses and storytelling is the key component in building loyalty mechanics; why would anyone care about your story? What attributes and assets do you already have that could be streamlined and adjusted to your key segments?

This last bullet offers the segue to understanding who you actually want to talk to. Usually everyone wants the early adopters but they are fickle beasts. What and how should you be talking to various segments to realise the potential value there?

And to close think about the when and the what, how should you be forming and packaging your messages? You need to adapt your storytelling to the mobile driven age where the next interesting story is just a swipe or refresh away. How to engage and capture these new behaviour patterns?