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We are looking for nice and talented people to join our global team of friends and fearless problem-solvers. What gets us out of bed every morning is the quest to answer the harder questions most people steer away from.

If you feel the same way, drop us a line at or apply for an open position below.

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Senior Consultant



IONA builds transformative customer experiences that redefine industries and brands. We transform companies, innovate new business models and create new products and services, focusing on seamless customer experiences.

We are now searching for a Senior Consultant to join the team in our Helsinki office. We hope you have experience and a proven track record of combining commercial, strategic and creative thinking. This experience may have been accrued through work in strategic consulting, a design agency, a technology company or from a corporate innovation team.

We believe that meaningful and challenging work is the best motivator so that is what we first and foremost strive for. Our core value proposition is to create value for each of our clients at every interaction. This means the details such as working tools, methods and schedules are completely up to you to choose to best suit the challenges you work on. We value the impact each person who joins us brings to the table and we have a partnership track if that is a component that motivates you.

The key attributes we hope to see in this role are:

  • Understanding the bigger picture of digital transformation and how customer experience contributes to that overall story

  • Have strong skills in creative problem solving and presentation: formulating abstract ideas into concrete concepts and commercial opportunities; communicating these to all levels of client stakeholders

  • Have an interest in latest technologies and experience from working in technical projects with agile methodologies

  • Be analytical and able to crunch numbers in Excel when necessary

  • Be a nice person (seriously!)

Your daily activities will be formed from a palette of:

  • Plan, manage and run research and analysis/synthesis to uncover needs and opportunities

  • Drive the strategy and conceptualising process from initial ideas to delivery of the project

  • Help in winning new business by defining value creation & capture, process redefinitions and tangible outcomes as deliverables

What we appreciate seeing in your resume:

  • 6+ years of relevant working experience

  • Experience in change management and impactful stakeholder interactions

  • A motivated and entrepreneurial spirit

  • Have an innate interest towards consumer trends, popular culture and socioeconomic phenomena

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