Strategy & Transformation

Leveraging our deep experience in digital transformation Iona delivers a wide array of strategic consulting solutions aligning strategy, technologies and processes to accelerate and sustain growth.

Our Transformation team brings domain and industry expertise to advise, consult and partner on critical transformation challenges from strategy to execution.

In addition to proven frameworks and methodologies we bring velocity and flexibility that is about empowering your teams to meet transformation challenges head-on.

Business Design & Innovation

When the market environment is changing rapidly organisations can not get stuck in the strategy process for months. You should be able to implement changes rapidly based on incomplete information while still avoiding meaningless risks.

Through our iterative and integrated model we help clients rapidly harness business opportunities in digital. We start by finding the sweet spot between market potential and opportunity which in turn inspires new concepts. These concepts get validated using prototypes and business case calculations. Together with our experts our clients are pushing the boundaries in new products, services, and business models.

Service & UX Design

Great digital experiences are usable experiences that combine commercial goals with customer satisfaction. Collaborating with your stakeholders we design the entire process, develop the service blueprints and connect touchpoints across the ecosystem.

We start by understanding your users: who they are and what their motivations are. Based on these insights we define the experiences they’ll love to use. We work iteratively and build design prototypes that let you explore and understand the entire user journey. By collaborating closely with our engineering teams we ensure the feasibility of our solutions.

Digital Commerce

We provide a host of Digital Commerce related services ranging from strategy formulation to technology selection and enterprise-level deployments.

We build modern, global B2B and B2C commerce solutions that drive conversions and top line growth. We have deep expertise in developing efficient back-end processes and can advise your teams in everything from brand building to marketing, forecasting, inventory management, logistics and finance.

We take care of integrating with key services including PIM, inventory, ERP, CRM, and more. We build your stores to be fast, compliant and accessible and we can help on all aspects related to branding, conversion & mobile optimisation, internationalisation and SEO.

Digital Development

Our team of senior engineers will deliver your digital product or service anything from a prototype to high-performance applications and platforms. We use only tried and tested technologies and cloud architectures to the highest standards of quality and availability.

Our engineers use modern development tools and techniques and develop collaboratively both internally and together with your teams.

Our goal is always to build and deliver what we promise whether it’s a mobile app or a resilient cloud-based system.